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Ultra Fractal 6.03

Ultra Fractal is a tool to create fractal art through formula recalculation

Ultra Fractal is a tool to create fractal art, by which images are created by repeated fractal formula calculations. These formulas are mathematical indeed, but the resulting pictures are beautiful and complex. You can create your own fractals, change the colors, add layers, use masks, and even create animations using this software.

Ultra Fractal goes a long way toward hiding the mathematical stuff and you just focus on the way fractals are combined, and how they are colored. This enables you to turn your fractals into true works of art. The built-in tutorial explains very clearly how to create your fractal art for the new users. There are about 1000 standard fractal types available for the new users to try out. As the formulas are shared online you can also use the ones that are available on the internet, once you master the art. By combining the classes / formulas, your choice becomes vast. Deep zooming option is allowed up to any depth. The gradient option is useful while coloring your fractal and is easy to use. You can just drag the gradient curves up and down to create smooth ranges of colors, or use the Randomize option to quickly try various color combinations. Layering option for the fractals helps in the creation of intricate coloring and texturing effects. You can import PNG, JPEG or BMP images in your fractals. With the animation edition of the Ultra Fractal, you are able to make animations and also networking to other computers for the fractal calculations are possible. You can write your own fractal formulas and share them with others through online database of the fractal formulas.
A complex work of art is made simple and interesting using this software.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Unending options for the creation of new fractal art, easy coloring, layering and masking options for the textures


  • Full edition price is almost double the standard edition
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